Monday, October 19, 2009


We have contacted several shelters both in area and out of area.
Many are not able to take him because they are full.

Where Is The Holland Dog Pound

Location...................behind the Town Highway Garage.

Note that there is no sign, but in your way in, glance to the right and the "K-9 Barracks" is visible.

Dog Pound News

Hi ,

Residents of Holland and surrounding towns.
Many of you may not know that Holland has a Dog Pound.
Please take note that there is a Pound.

The Town Pound does not have electricity and it is not insulated so there is really no warmth there for our Guests. We do count on donations and the goodness of the people of our communities to help in making "do" with what we have. We are always in need of anything "Dog", so before recycling, please think of YOUR pound. We can be reached at 413 245 9221 or 413 245 3878. Thank you and please remember that DOG spelled backwards means quite a few things to many.